research interests


Following the rapid growth of 5G markets, we are interested in research of cutting-edge 5G+/6G broadband wireless mobile systems and algorithms, with a specific focus on:

  • AI (X-Learning) aided wireless technologies
  • Massive MIMO technologies
  • Aircraft-to-everything (A2X) communication systems
  • Mach-level super high-speed mobile communication systems
  • IoT/M2M/D2D technologies and applications

Visible Light Communication (VLC/LiFi)

VLC is considered as a promising complement to existing RF-based wireless technologies, exhibiting exciting application potential in many scenarios, such as indoor positioning, radio-sensitive medical environment, underwater communications, and so on. We endeavor to innovate in latest VLC systems and technologies, for both theoretical research and engineering practices:

  • AI (X-Learning) aided optical wireless communication/positioning
  • Modulation/channel estimation/transmission/detection for optical wireless communication
  • Multiuser/MIMO/OFDM-VLC systems
  • Long-distance/underwater optical wireless systems
  • Long-distance/high-accuracy optical wireless distance measurement
  • High-accuracy visible light positioning (VLP)

Oversea students from all countries interested in wireless communication systems and technologies are welcome to join our research team! Enquiries are encouraged.

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